The Master's College

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About Us

For over eighty years The Master's College has provided quality Christian higher education in Southern California. We are extending our reach and welcoming students to study through our online program. Our program provides excellent instruction in General Education and Bible courses taught from a distinctly biblical worldview.  Here’s a brief overview of how the program works, what you might expect when taking our courses, and how you can learn more!

What We Offer

  • GE course price: $250/unit ($750/class) for credit, $150/unit ($450/class) high school discount, $105/class for audit
  • Units earned/course: 3 college units accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, they can be taken for baccalaureate level credit transferrable to The Master's College or other institutions or audited
  • Course structure: 8 week sessions (see our schedule here), flexible to your schedule within a school week
  • Course components: streamed video lectures, discussion forums with a real life classroom involving other students and the professor, assignments, reading, quizzes, and proctored exams
  • Areas of study: Old & New Testaments, Theology, Biblical electives, Composition, Literature, Math, Science, Social Studies, Music and Art (see a complete list of classes here)

How It Works

Within each 8 week session, there are clear instructions on the course homepage regarding what is assigned and due for that particular week. Video lectures are the core of the content delivery and are supplemented by carefully selected text books which support our Christ-focused education. There are several methods where students interact with other classmates and the professor to produce a vibrant learning community. One way is through our online discussions where students post responses to questions posted by the instructor regarding course content, Scripture references, and assigned readings.

Is Online Learning For You?

Flexibility and convenience are the top reasons students enthusiastically embrace online learning. But is it right for you? Whether you are an undergraduate student, high school student, or simply seeking a program to further biblical enrichment, we believe that anyone who is willing can be successful in an online class. Courses require basic organization, planning and focus; once a routine is established, most students with busy lives prefer the flexibility online learning offers.