Enrollment Prerequisites

In order to be admitted to the Master of Arts in Education program at The Master's College, the following prerequisites must be met by the applicant. The administration and faculty of the College reserve the right to withdraw the privilege of enrollment or to place a student on probation if, after enrollment, the student proves to be lacking in these qualifications.


  1. Testimony of faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.
  2. Recommendations from those who have had significant contact with the applicant: Pastor's Reference, Academic Reference, Personal Reference, Employer Reference.
  3. General agreement with the doctrinal statement of The Master's College.


  1. The goal of the academic admission requirements is to ensure that students who enter the program have the academic capability and prerequisite preparation to successfully complete and benefit from the coursework they will be required to take.
  2. The candidate must hold a current teaching credential and submit a copy at the time of application.
  3. The 18 semester units of Concentration must all be post graduate units granted by a WASC approved institution of higher education.
  4. A candidate must prove Competency in the following areas:
    Skill/Knowledge Possible Method of Proving Competency
    Subject Matter Subject Matter Exam Score Reports
    Teaching Strategies Current Credential, Teaching Evaluations, Teaching Performance Assessments
    English Language Learner Competency CLAD, BCLAD or completion of 2042 credential program
    Foundational Computer Technology CCTC approved coursework or 2042 credential program
    Foundational Health Education CCTC approved coursework or 2042 credential program
    Foundational Mainstreaming and Special Needs CCTC approved coursework or 2042 credential program