Program Learning Outcomes

The following Program Learning Outcomes have been established by The Master's College faculty to define the areas of knowledge and skills that students graduating from this major degree program should have developed:

Core MABS Program Learning Outcomes:

  • Be able to describe in detail, including appropriate biblical support, the origin (supernatural and historical), divine purposes, nature, and message of each of the 66 books of the Biblical canon.
  • Use correct hermeneutical principles to present a theologically-defensible explanation, interpretation, and application(s) of any given biblical text in its historical and theological dimensions.
  • Present a detailed explanation of the central theological themes of the Christian Scriptures including appropriate biblical support for each.
  • Explain in detail, including appropriate biblical support, the key presuppositions underlying a biblical worldview, and defend it in relation to other prevalent worldviews.
  • Develop thoughtful, defensible responses to prevalent contemporary personal, ecclesiastical, and societal issues which: a) are founded on a biblical worldview, b) make extensive and effective use of the biblical text, and c) are consistent with the principles of systematic theology.
  • Demonstrate ability to perform and communicate graduate level biblical research that includes application principles for practical ministry and living where appropriate.