Degree Completion Referral Program

Greetings from The Master's College!  The Degree Completion Program has a student referral program and we want you to take part.  If you recommend someone that becomes a student, we'll show you our appreciation with a $100 check.  Our research indicates that you're a major contributor to the enrollment efforts of our program….so we'd like to express our thanks for your continued support!  Here are the details:

Who can receive a referral benefit?

  • You!  A TMC/TMS alumnus or current student.
  • NOTE - current TMC/TMS employees are not eligible; you cannot "self" refer and no referral benefit to a spouse or family member.

What is a referral?

  • A person giving exposure & recommendation to the program that influences the new or returning student to pursue acceptance in the Degree Completion program.
  • A returning student is defined as one who needs to complete at least one course in their major and has not registered for a Degree Completion course in the past 18 continuous months.

What is the referral benefit?

  • A $100 check cut directly to the referrer.

When must the referral be identified?

  • During the application process.  Academic counselors will specifically ask the applying student if there is a referring party.

When will the referral benefit be granted?

  • When a passing grade is achieved in the first major class and the student status is in good standing.


Contact Matt Frields at or (661) 362-2675 for more information.