Mr. Eric Mack

B.A., Organizational Management
M.K.M., California State University, Northridge
Joined TMC 2008

Eric has been in business for 34 years as an entrepreneur, software developer, and consultant on technology and productivity. He has provided expert consulting services to more than 400 corporate and government clients, most notably in the fields of messaging, collaborative, and productivity technologies. In the 1990's, Eric co-founded and served as CTO for Peloria Technology Corporation. In addition, he also founded ICA. His first contracting job, at age 16, was designing and developing flight-planning software for a Learjet charter company using a TI-59 programmable calculator with 1 kilobyte of memory. He has served in the Electronic Messaging Association (EMA) and Personal Communications Industries Association (PCIA). Eric is a popular speaker at conferences around the world, including the Beyond Planning conference (Manila), Lotusphere, Office 2.0, The GTD Summit, and KMWORLD. Eric also holds a Bachelor's degree in Organizational Management and a Master's degree in Information and Knowledge Management. Eric and his wife, Kathy, have been married for over 20 years and they are blessed to home school their four daughters. In his spare time, Eric enjoys working on his HERO 2000 robot and inspiring young people to pursue careers in math and science through his robotics presentations and his involvement as a robotics coach with U.S. FIRST. Eric, Kathy and their children are active in various ministries in their church.